2017-18 Bells Mill Staff Appreciation Holiday Lunch (and Cookie Exchange!)

This holiday season gives us the opportunity to show our Bells Mill teachers and staff how grateful we are for all that they do for our children.  This year, we’re throwing a catered lunch (thank you to Gregorio’s for their generous donations!), and a cookie exchange.

Lunch: December 20
Cookie Exchange: December 21

We need all non-perishable contributions BY DECEMBER 18. We need all lunch perishable items BY 10:00am on DECEMBER 20. We need all cookies BY 10:00am on DECEMBER 21.

(If you are donating, please double-check for which day you’ve signed-up.)

We can accept non-perishables, cookies and supplies any day/time leading up to the event. (Just contact Haylie Iseman, haylieiseman@gmail.com, and we can make arrangements to receive any items. Or, leave these items with the staff at the front desk, who will store it for us.)

Finally, if you wish to make a monetary contribution toward this event, rather than making/purchasing from this sign-up, please send a check made out to “Bells Mll PTA”, and note that it is for the “Staff Holiday Lunch”. We will surely put all contributions to good use!

Sign up here!

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