Halloween Parade

Halloween Parade and Party Changes for this year.  This year our Leadership Team has met and discussed how to maintain safety at school during our Halloween celebration.  We will be holding our annual Halloween parade first thing in the morning on Oct. 31. The children may come to school wearing their costumes this year.  Please do not send in any weapons or other props. Those can be saved for Trick or Treating that evening.  We will begin the parade around 10:00 (or even a little before)  The parade route will have all classes exiting the building at the back doors, walking on the sidewalk to the basketball court where they will exit the blacktop area and follow the pathway towards Georgetown Hill, then coming down the pathway and cutting back through our parking lot by the stairs and into the front entrance.  All families are invited to attend the morning parade. We want parents to park on the street and then position along the route to see the parade. Once the children return to the building it will be a day of instruction. We are asking that we keep the visitors to the party at a minimum this year to enable us to keep a manageable number of visitors in the building.  Set up for parties will be at 2:00 pm with the party beginning at 2:30 pm. (no costumes during the parties) The Leadership Team has established the number of parents to support the parties at 4 which still will result in well over 100 visitors to the building. I know that change is difficult for all, but, hope you can support us in this change as it is truly coming out of the need to maintain a safe environment for all.  If you will be donating goodies for the parties and are unable to attend in the afternoon, you may drop them off at the main office and we will make sure the items make it to the classrooms. There will be an alternative activity for those children who do not celebrate Halloween(both during the parade and the parties).

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