Halloween Parties – Please Read!

As you are likely aware, there have been some changes to how we will conduct our Halloween parties.  (Please see Mrs. O’s newsletter for more detailed information).  While this is a big change for parents who have traditionally enjoyed spending time with their children during the party,  it is only through these measures that the school can continue to remain committed to providing the safest environment for our children at all times.  Understanding that these new procedures limits resources for room parents who are planning the party, there have been some additional changes to help accommodate.  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

1) Halloween parties may have 4 volunteers per classroom (including room parents)

2) Room parents will be given the option to stay and help for the entire party, or give their volunteer slot up for another volunteer to be randomly selected.

3) Classroom teachers will collect names of parents who want to attend the party and randomly select the remainder of volunteers (if they have fewer than 4 room parents attending)

4) Classroom teachers will participate in helping with parties.

5) Classroom teachers will provide the names of volunteers to the main office. All volunteers must have taken the MCPS Volunteer Child Abuse and Neglect Training (good for 3 years) and must sign in at the main office before going to classrooms. Volunteers must also bring a photo ID with them because we will have a new visitor check-in system installed this week which requires an official ID (ex: state issued driver’s license or non-driver’s license) for a visitor’s badge

6) Parents who are not attending parties may drop off party items in the main office and the office staff will get party items to classrooms.

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