Updated financial information page for the PTA

Not sure how PTA funds are spent? See our updated financials page!

The PTA fundraising survey also asked about how informed the Bells Mill community felt about what the PTA does and how it spends donations. While about 65% of respondents felt informed about what the PTA does, 57% of respondents did not feel informed on how donations made to the PTA are spent. In order to make our community more informed, we revamped the Financials page on the PTA website! The new page includes a breakdown of what the PTA sponsors, this year’s budget and treasurer reports, past year’s budgets and actual spending, and the results of the fundraising survey.

About 55% of respondents were not sure what the PTA membership fee covers so we also added new information about the membership fee! We now have an entire section dedicated to PTA Membership on the Support the PTA page. Check it out!

If you have any questions, please email treasurer@bellsmill.org

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