PTA Board Members

Per our bylaws, the Board of Directors consists of the Executive Committee, the Principal, and the chairs of standing committees.


Deb Rosenberg (Palisin)

VP of Fundraising & Membership

Amanda Klueger

VP of Communications & Family Engagement Jessica McClellan
VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Varsha Morar
VP of School Community Events

Shara Reiter

Treasurer Mia Bautista
Secretary Debbie Fleischer
Delegate 1 Karen Lust
Delegate 2 Erin Penfold

How to become a member of the board

Board elections are held every spring with candidates being current members of the PTA and having been nominated by the Board Nomination Committee. Members of this committee are selected by the Board. Stay tuned for announcements in the spring calling for volunteers to be a part of this committee. If you have any interest or questions about being a board member for the next year, by all means let any current board member know!

For details on the election process and duties of each officer, see the bylaws.