If you are interested in leading or participating on a committee, please contact the current chair or complete this paper form and send it to the Bells Mill main office. All help is appreciated.

Search Bear Posts and/or Calendar for event dates.

For Committee Chairs and members, click here for Tips and Tricks.

Committee Description 2018-19 Chair 2019-20 Chair
Artwork Assistant Volunteers to help capture our students’ works of art for art teacher Sophia Zhao OPEN
Back to School Picnic Coordinates Back to School Picnic OPEN OPEN
Bake Sales Coordinates bake sale fundraisers OPEN OPEN
Barnes & Noble Community Night Fundraiser held with guest readers during Read Across America Week Danielle Camner Lindholm OPEN
Bear Posts Coordinates all announcements posted on the PTA website resulting in outgoing emails to community Jen Hsin Jen Hsin
Bells Mill Bash Coordinates year end Carnival Shelley Hyland OPEN
Bingo Night
Coordinate bingo night for student community and teachers (approximately 100 people attend) by managing the following: obtain bingo license, reserve and rent bingo equipment, advertise in Bear Post /flyers / posters, coordinate pizza / cookies / water, solicit and/or purchase prizes, etc.
Book Fair Coordinates book sale Jackie Iseman, Kerry Iseman, Michelle Martin, Jill Martin, Julie Cerveny Jackie Iseman,
Kerry Iseman,
Michelle Martin
Box Tops for Education Coordinates the collection of “box tops for education” and redeems for BMES funds Kellie Zuba OPEN
Bylaw committee Update the PTA bylaws (done every 3 yrs, last updated in Oct 2018). Bylaws will need to be renewed by Apr 2021 Stella Kostolampros PTA Secretary
Celebrity Scoop Night Coordinates Scoop Nights, with regular and/or Celebrity scoopers Amy Rogstad, OPEN Ilissa Manes
Churchill Cluster Coordinator Mandy Lemar OPEN
Cultural Arts Assemblies
Coordinate at least 2 school-wide / grade-specific cultural assemblies per school year. Attend the Cultural Arts Showcase (a 4-day event held in the fall to showcase the talents of a variety of performers for MCPS assemblies) to make better informed decisions about assemblies to sponsor at BMES. If possible, you are encouraged to bring along your best critics to this event – your children!
Stuti Khanna Tina Ehtiati, Stuti Khanna
Curb Appeal Restores and beautifies green spaces in and around the school (new in 2019-20) Divya Tonse,
Cheryl Katz,
Youngshin Kim,
Lauren Ayers,
Elaine Kaviani
Directory Compiles and distributes Student Directory Amy Matush Amy Matush
Donuts with Dad A morning school-wide event for dads and their kids Jennifer Levenberg OPEN
Be the liaison to FLEX Academies (or any other after school program providers that we have a contract with ) Give insight on what programs have worked in the past and what has not to help create each session. Help coordinate fall, winter and spring sessions with FLEX. Advertise classes being offered and deadlines for registration. Advertise on Facebook, The Spotlight, The Bear Post, and the PTA website.
Flex Academies, Tina Ehtiati Flex Academies, Tina Ehtiati
FaceBook Maintain the Bells Mill PTA FaceBook page Debra Fleischer Debra Fleischer
Financial Committee
Assist PTA Board with developing the next fiscal year budget (4-8 hours) as well as assist with conducting audit of PTA books (6-16 hours depending on the number of volunteers.) Committee meets March – April for budget (final budget will be voted on at May PTA meeting). Audit will take place in summer (July-Aug) or early fall if no CPA volunteers (Sep).
PTA Treasurer PTA Treasurer
Flyer Distribution Uploads PTA flyers in the A to Z digital Back Pack, or make copies and helps with distributing if needed. Tonya Hughes Shelley Hyland (AtoZ), Lindsay Angle (copier)
Fundraising Assist the PTA board with PTA fundraising activities and events OPEN VP of Fundraising
Geography Bowl Coordinate end of year geography competition for students in grades 3, 4, 5 Jialu Zhang, Bharathi Bala Jialu Zhang
Gifted and Talented Liaison The PTA Gifted and Talent Liaison provides information and about GT services and resources in the county including HGC testing dates, processes, information and more. Zahir Albadawi OPEN
Gingerbread with Grams and Gramps Coordinates a morning school-wide event for grandparents and their grandkids! OPEN OPEN
Ice Skating Night Coordinates ice skating night at Cabin John Ice Rink Erik Wang, Jennifer Dugan Tina Ehtiati
In-School Volunteer Coordinating Committee Coordinates parent volunteers to assist teachers and staff in the classrooms and the media center Cecily Uhlfelder, Heather Klein OPEN
International Festival
Coordinates annual event that celebrates the cultural diversity of our school community by presenting ethnic food tastings, cultural performances, a global fashion show, crafts, an info table for each country, a photo booth, passports and other giveaways to help students and their families share and explore different countries without having to hop on a plane!
Debra Fleischer, Georgia Karamalikis Debra Fleischer, Georgia Karamalikis
Kindergarten Meet-n-Greet Coordinates Kindergarten Playground Social for students entering Kindergarten and their families in late summer before the school year starts Elaine Kaviani Jackie Iseman
Kindergarten Orientation Coordinates incoming K Orientation in the Spring Bridget Flaherty, Amy Rogstad Bridget Flaherty, OPEN
Membership Committee Assists PTA Board with outreach at beginning of the year events. Collects membership forms and fees. Transfers checks/cash to PTA Treasurer for deposit. Tracks memberships in AtoZ. Provides membership numbers to the PTA Treasurer for dues payments to MCCPTA and MDPTA. OPEN Shelley Hyland
Muffins with Mom
Coordinate annual breakfast for students & mothers by managing the following: schedule and coordinate date, create flyer, estimate attendance, purchase food and utensils, coordinate volunteers, set up and clean up of event.
Genna Drazen Genna Drazen
NAACP Parent’s Council Representative Represents our school via monthly meetings to share information useful in enhancing children’s chances of academic success OPEN OPEN
Newcomers’ Welcome Committee Coordinates welcome for new families; arranges and runs Buddy Family Program OPEN Lindsay Angle
Playground Social Coordinate Playground and Popsicle Social immediately following the Teacher Meet-n-Greet Open House the Friday before school starts. Kelly Groft Kelly Groft, OPEN
Principal’s Teas Arranges tea and cookies at evening meetings with grade level parents Cheryl Katz,
Amy Stolker
Cheryl Katz,
Amy Stolker
PTA Bulletin Boards Displays PTA information and photos on bulletin boards in front of school Geena Goodhand,
Kellie Zuba
Recess and Lunch Coordinator Coordinates recess and lunch volunteers Youngshin Kim,
Lauren Ayers,
Elaine Kaviani,
Divya Tonse,
Cheryl Katz
Youngshin Kim,
Lauren Ayers,
Elaine Kaviani,
Divya Tonse,
Cheryl Katz
Reflections Coordinates MCCPTA arts contest Jennifer Barlow Jennifer Barlow
Restaurant Nights Coordinates community building events at local restaurants Amy Rogstad Ilissa Manes
Room Parent Coordinator Acts as liaison between the PTA and the classroom Room Parents Amy Rogstad Jen Hsin, Elaine Kaviani
Science Fair Coordinates the non-competitive science fair Jia Li, Jennifer Dugan Jia Li, Shelley Hyland
Special Needs Provides information on county programs to parents of special needs students Iran Naqvi OPEN
Spirit Wear
Choose vendor as well as items to be sold to the BMES community. Promote sales online, via Bear Posts and through flyers sent home with students. Make sure that spirit wear is delivered to all who ordered.
Bess Siegal,
Esther Lee
Stella Kourtsounis,
Asmaa Seif Eldin,
Devin Donaldson
Staff Appreciation Holiday Lunch Coordinates a holiday lunch for staff Haylie Iseman, Robin Binstock Haylie Iseman, Robin Binstock
Staff Appreciation Week Coordinates recognition and appreciation efforts for staff Haylie Iseman, Robin Binstock Haylie Iseman, Robin Binstock
Sunshine Committee Provide support (meals and other) to families and staff during times of need Alissa Gould Lisa Herman
Talent Show Coordinates school wide talent show LaTisha Gasaway Devin Donaldson,
Jeff Martin,
Michelle Martin
Teacher Breakfasts Coordinates Welcome Back breakfasts for teachers during August Kemi Macaulay-Newman, Ratna Oetama Kemi Macaulay-Newman, Ratna Oetama
Volunteer Coordinator Collects and reports volunteer hours OPEN Elaine Kaviani,
Lauren Ayers,
Youngshin Kim
Walk to School Day Assists school wide event celebrating a global Walk to School Day recognizing a movement for year-round safe routes to school OPEN OPEN
Update website on a regular basis. These responsibilities are heaviest in the summer with updating to the new board and committee chairs as soon as they are known, which should be right as the old school year ends. The calendar is also set over the summer so events are added to the calendar when they are known. Depending on how the board operates, this may end up happening in the fall, but ideally it happens before the school year starts.
Bess Siegal, SSL Volunteer, SSL Volunteer Matthew Barlow, SSL Volunteer opportunity available

Tips & Tricks for Committee Chairs

1. Supplies – Please check the PTA supply closet before purchasing any supplies. This closet contains materials intended for PTA use (including utensils, paper goods, tables, tickets and party supplies).

2. PTA Board Member – Committee chairs and members should not hesitate to reach out to Board Members at the beginning of the year to get acquainted or at any time for guidance or assistance.

3. Volunteers – Committee chairs should feel free to ask for extra volunteers to help with their committees.

4. Vendor Policies – The Bells Mill PTA is a not-for-profit organization that has an obligation to closely monitor the income and expenses that flow through it. Please make sure that your vendors are aware of our vendor policies.

5. Receipts and Reimbursement – See PTA Documents and Forms to print receipt and/or reimbursement forms.

6. Announcements – Send an email to the communications team (Bear Post, Facebook, Flyer, Website) with a clear and specific subject line, your name and contact information. Explain the event in detail (remember there are new families to school that need full details in order to understand what the event is all about) in the body copy. Email us by 7:00pm on Wednesday for delivery of Bear Post by the next morning (Thursday). If you are attaching a flyer with your post, please send PDF or Microsoft Word document by 12:00pm on Tuesday. NOTE: The Flyer Committee Chair may have a different weekly copy day, so please give plenty of advanced notice.