Recess & Lunch Volunteers Needed

Bells Mill needs your help!

Sign up to assist staff with recess/lunch duty. If you are able to volunteer during recess, please consider getting involved by utilizing the equipment and instructions provided by our “Dr. Recess” program. By taking the time to teach and implement various games and activities, we … [Post in full]

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PTA Membership Cards

PTA Membership Cards were distributed to classroom teachers to be sent home with students last week.  The card was filled out with your child’s last name and your membership number.  If you have more than one child at Bells Mill the card should have gone home with your youngest child.  … [Post in full]

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Bus Camera Safety Program

Far too many drivers are not obeying the Maryland School Bus Law. In January 2014, the Montgomery County Department of Police, in partnership with Montgomery County Public Schools, began a school bus camera enforcement program. We started with 25 cameras that could be rotated for use on various buses. We … [Post in full]

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