PTA Meeting Recap

Thank you to families who joined our PTA meeting on Tuesday for a discussion of upcoming PTA activities, volunteer opportunities and the School of Excellence survey results. The minutes will be posted when they are available and the slides are available here. We welcome your thoughts regarding topics covered in the survey, including:

  1. Ways to better recognize and respect diversity?
  2. Ways the school could be more welcoming?
  3. How would families like to be more involved in decision making? 
  4. What information or support does the community need?
  5. Ways to improve discussions about student progress or needs?
  6. What would help families better understand how to support student learning needs?
  7. Insights on how to better prepare for student transitions? 
  8. How to include students in discussions of expectations and work quality?
  9. What information would be helpful on connection between curriculum and academic standards?

Please email [email protected] with any thoughts, reach out to any member of the Board, or share your feedback directly with Dr. Smith. We appreciate the dialogue and opportunity to discuss the School of Excellence survey results!

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