STEM Night and Science Fair Thank you! 

We are so happy and proud to be able to bring back the STEM night and the Science Fair to the Bells Mill community! Many parents volunteered their time and expertise and spent many hours helping with planning and designing the experiments, preparing the material and resources, performing the experiments, and engaging with the families and the students during the event. It was wonderful to watch our amazing volunteers taking the time to explain scientific ideas to the students in such an engaging manner, and also see the spark of curiosity and joy in the children’s eyes! Many thanks to our parent/family volunteer team: Tania Nayak Kamphaus, Anamaria Cabel, Lucia Olaberria Visus, Jiwon Roh, Unna Chiochankitmun, Haeman Jiru, Bahram Alavi, Adam Sawyer, Todd Farnsworth, Jessica Farnsworth, Wendy Emery, Victoria Pike, Audrey White, Edna Kweti, Hang Waters,  Yuqun Abigail Luo, Moutusi Sau, and Harish Nalinakshan. Also thanks to the amazing student volunteers who joined our team from the larger MCPS community middle and high schools: Alex and Alexa Chiochankitmun, Sam Giorgis, Veronica, Alison Trofimov, Cyrus Sawyer, Spencer Blakeman, August Ulrich, and Ignacio Olaberria. Special thanks to Mrs. Kemp, Mrs. Over, Mrs. De Luca, Mrs. Kamini Kumar (CJ middle school)  for supporting us. They were instrumental in being able to access the resources in Bells Mill and Cabin John schools. Thanks and congratulations to all students who presented their work in posters and demonstrations, for their outstanding work and achievements. 
STEM night committee: Tina Ehtiati & Anuradha RamamoorthyScience Fair committee: Helen Sun

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