Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

The PTA sends its best wishes to the amazing Bells Mill staff as we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week! We appreciate your commitment to our students, quality education and partnership. We’ve had a lot of fun celebrating staff this week! We appreciate how our families, room parents, administration and PTA have partnered to show teachers how much they mean to us!

On Sunday students decorated the sidewalk with messages of appreciation! On Monday families brought in flowers to their teacher and Georgetown Cupcake donated cupcakes to staff. On Tuesday families and PTA provided an amazing staff breakfast. Yesterday, PTA catered a lunch from Don Pollo and families send in school supplies for the teachers classrooms. Today, students are bringing teachers handmade creations and PTA is providing soft pretzels as an afternoon treatment. We’ll wrap up Teacher Appreciation tomorrow with final mailbox treats for staff and pizza kits and cookies for teachers to have an easy dinner after a long week! The PTA is proud to partner with Tag Team Kitchen and Sunflower Bakery for these! Here’s how families can get involved for tomorrow — show appreciation for someone else in the building who supports your child or the school more generally, including specialists, building services staff, etc.

Friday: Write a note or give a treat to someone in the building.

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