Thank you from International Festival 2015

Thank you to the over 30 families that hosted country tables, gave a cultural performance or volunteered in other ways to make the International Festival a remarkable event. Thank you to all the visitors who came to experience the world tour. We are so proud to be a part of this generous community. $319 was collected in charitable donations for relief efforts in Nepal. Please read below a message from Manjari Shrestha, who hosted the Nepal table:

Dear Entire BMES Family,

As you might know, an earthquake with a 7.8 magnitude hit Nepal on April 25th. It has caused widespread death and destruction – the government estimates over 10,000 people may have been killed. Rescue operations are still ongoing.

On one hand, I feel very fortunate to know that my family and friends are safe. On the other hand, there is a deep feeling of sadness in my heart when I see so many people in Nepal going through pain and suffering and lost everything. While we cannot help everyone in need, a few of my friends and I have coordinated with SpinyBabbler, a well-established registered non-governmental organization (NGO), actively engaged in social issues, to help raise funds for children in remote areas, who lost their parents and have no food and home.

Spinybabbler has excellent program offering specialty education through its legal entity Evolution from pre-school to high school children. Students from around the world, the best schools of Nepal, as well as those who are deprived take advantage of the education offered through short- and long-term involvement.

We collected $319 on Bells Mill International Festival night! We have four children at residence as of now, we are co-ordinating legalities with various organizations to bring in 6 more children from hard hit areas. Your donations fund to help them get counseling, support, room, board and education.

If you are interested to either sponsor a child, be a co-sponsor or simply be a one-time donor, you can donate what you are comfortable with and know that no amount is too small. Remember, your contribution can make a difference, every dollar you contribute, small or big, you are helping a child in need.

Please contact me for details if you want to sponsor or co-sponsor a child.

For more information, below is the website for Spinybabbler:

The organization will ensure that all donated funds are accounted for and spent on the right cause. We will provide regular updates via email newsletter on how your donations have been disbursed for these children.

Thank you very much for your support in this difficult time for children of Nepal.

Manjari Shrestha (

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