April 14 PTA Meeting RECAP

On April 14, the PTA met for its first virtual PTA meeting on Zoom! With the transition to distance learning this was an important opportunity for parents and the school to connect.  Here are a few key points for those of you who weren’t able to make it. We’ll hold another PTA general meeting in May.

  • The PTA has helped engage the school community (e.g., Bear Hunt) and is planning on how to transition traditional spring events to alternate formats. We welcome all ideas and volunteers!
  • Parents and teachers discussed the transition to distance learning and asked for feedback on how things were going. Several parents noted that the school seemed very engaged and supportive. Mrs. O appreciates the support of the community during this time and is very impressed by how quickly the staff are adapting to distance learning.
  • Distance learning will continue to evolve as teachers and students become more comfortable with the technology. Much of what is being presented is determined by the County to ensure equity and consistency among schools.
  • Science and social studies will be added to the schedule. Teachers will also start doing focused sessions with small groups.
  • Online sessions are intentionally being kept modest in length to be consistent with best practices in distance learning and help balance family demands. Students will see additional independent work as the program matures.
  • The school recommends to make adequate time for recess and outdoor time.
  • Please contact the PTA or Mrs. O if there are members of the community that could use additional assistance. The PTA will be coordinating with the school on ways it could help support teachers and students during this time.
  • The PTA is looking for volunteers for the nominating committee for next year’s board, as well as volunteers to fill the secretary and delegate roles. Please reach out to info@bellsmill.org if you are interested.

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