Committee chair(s) and volunteers needed for BMES Talent Show!

We’re excited to bring back the talent show for the first time since 2019! The talent shows will be held on Friday, March 10 (grades K-2) and Friday, March 17 (grades 3-5).

We volunteers to help to make the talent shows a success and run smoothly. We are looking for:

Show Chairs (1 or more per show): keep track of the schedule and emcee the event

On Deck Volunteers (1 or more per show): fetch the upcoming performer from the “green room” (art classroom) and wait with them before they go on stage

AV Technicians (1 or more per show): collect audio files before the show(s), organize the files/put them in order, play all audio files during the show, and mange all AV during the rehearsals and show

Green Room Volunteers (2 or more per show): supervise the children who are waiting to perform in the green room (art classroom)- help coordinate or supervise quiet activities (some provided by the PTA, others brought by individual children)

In addition to the shows on March 10 and March 17, there will be 2 rehearsals per age group immediately after school at 4pm- March 7 and March 9 for K-2 and March 14 and March 16 for 3-5. The Show Chairs and ideally the AV Technicians are required to be at their respective rehearsals and it would be very helpful for our other volunteers to be at these rehearsals to help coordinate the practices.

Please contact Amanda Klueger at if are able to volunteer! We are so grateful for any help you are able to provide. We look forward to 2 fun shows and seeing our kids having a blast!!

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