Happy Last Day of School!

As we wrap up the school year, the PTA would like to thank the school community for its support this year. We would also like to extend a special thanks to the 200+ members and dozens of PTA volunteers who supported our efforts related to fundraising, school events, academic improvement, advocacy, and community building. We are a stronger school with your support. We would also like to express our gratitude to the teachers and staff for being great partners in the PTA, and wish our retiring staff the best as they begin their next chapter. Wishing you all a great last day! #AlwaysBellsMillBears

2019-2020 PTA Committee Chairs

Amy Matush

Amy Stolker

Asmaa Seif Eldin

Bridget Flaherty

Cheryl Katz

Debbie Fleischer

Devin Donaldson

Divya Tonse

Elaine Kaviani

Genna Drazen

Georgia Karamalikis

Haylie Iseman

Heather Braswell-Ho

Ilissa Manes

Jackie Iseman

Jeff Martin

Jen Hsin

Jennifer Barlow

Jialu Zhang

Kelly Groft

Kemi Macaulay-Newman

Kerry Iseman

Lauren Ayers

Lindsey Angle

Lisa Herman

Matthew Barlow

Michelle Martin

Ratna Oetama

Robin Binstock

Shelley Hyland

Stella Kourtsounis

Stuti Khanna

Tina Ehtiati

Tonya Hughes

Youngshin Kim

Zahir Albadawi

2019-2020 PTA Board Members

Devin Donaldson, President

Laurie DeMarco , VP of Fundraising

Debbie Fleischer, VP of Communications

Georgia Karamalikis, VP of Committees

Matthew Barlow, Treasurer

Nick Kamphaus  , Secretary

Richard Chang, Delegate

Kia Coleman Cook, Delegate

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