PTA General Meeting Recap

On Tuesday we had the final scheduled general meeting of the Bells Mill PTA for this school year, via Zoom.  Per the current rules in effect, we were not able to take any official votes during this meeting, but several issues were discussed that will be put to official votes at the next general meeting.  Thanks to all who attended, and a special thanks to Mrs. Kanter for presenting!

For those who could not make it, here is a quick recap:

  • Devin Donaldson opened the meeting by thanking the volunteers who have been working to help reshape our PTA activities for this year, as well as the teachers for being so supportive and collaborative. Mrs. O thanked the PTA for their support of the Bells Mill community and working to engage all families and staff.
  • Matthew Barlow presented the Treasurer’s Report and discussed the proposed budget for next year, including the effect of the school closure on expenditures this year and how the Budget Committee has incorporated into the budget planning for the effects of the current pandemic.
  • New Board members were proposed for next year:  Asmaa Seif Elden as Secretary and Ray Bell as a Delegate.  Thanks to both for volunteering! We would also like to thank Nick Kamphaus and Kia Coleman for their service on the PTA board this year.
  • We discussed upcoming events, including a virtual science assembly and building a Little Library fort the school.
  • Kanter gave a wonderful presentation on how the classes are populated at Bells Mill, and also some advice on maintaining emotional health and well being for the family during this distance learning period.
  • We had some great discussion during the Q&A on the steps Bells Mill takes to provide resources and support for gifted & talented students who attend the school.

Thanks again to all who attended, and we will see you next year!

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