STEM Night Thank You!

Last Friday’s amazing STEM Night was a wonderful collaboration among parents, school staff and community. Thanks to the many volunteers from school staff, Bells Mill parents, Churchill Robotics Club, Richard Montgomery iGEMS club, and Nuclear Regulatory Commission. It was a wonderful learning opportunity!

Special thanks to our organizers who put a tremendous amount of work into this effort! Tina Ehtiati organized the event on the PTA side, including writing the proposal to get a grant from the National PTA to support us. Thank you also to Mr. Eifler for supporting us and helping with planning the STEM night. He was involved from the beginning and was instrumental in being able to access the resources in the school.

Lots of parents volunteered their time and expertise, and spent many hours helping with planning and designing the experiments, providing the material and resources, and performing the experiments and engaging with the families and students during the event. Every one of them really poured their heart into the activities and experiments they were demonstrating and it was amazing to watch them engage with the community and make such a wonderful night for all of us! Thanks to Anuradha Ramammorthy, Tania Kamphaus, Varsha Morar, Chen Kang, Sung Woo, Lustina Grigoriadis, Eda Tahir Turanli, Lucia Olaberria Visus, Jamie Freishtat, Adam Sawyer, Todd Farnsworth, Jessica Farnsworth, Nathan Williamson, Andrea Leung, Wendy Emery, Victoria Pike, Amanda Littlepage, Elaine Kaviani, Shahab Kaviani, Greg Potter, Jialu Zhang, Jia Li, Stuti Khanna, Julie Peller, Dean Chai, Kaiyong Yang, Richard Chang, Amy Matush, and Zahir Albadawi.

We really appreciate all of the staff who helped us out by volunteering their classrooms, expertise, and helping make everything run smoothly. The kids always love seeing their teachers outside of the school day! Thanks to the following staff for volunteering: Ms. Hinkle, Ms. Lang, Mr. Sheets, Mrs. Barber, Ms. Byrd, Ms. Hirsch, Ms. Hickey, Ms. Bedell, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Ginsburg, Mrs. Rabin, Ms. Taylor, and Ms. Kelly.

And finally thank you to the student volunteers who helped us with robotics, chemistry, and coding. Zand Kaviani (4th grade), Ruhan Khanna (5th grade) and Rachel Farnsworth (BMES alumni, now at Cabin John Middle School) really worked very hard and did a great job!

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